Paul Rancatore
Rooked book cover

A review of one of the worst political manipulations of our time and what to do about it.

Our nation is at a critical crossroads: Simply put, we are embroiled in a civil war. It is a war between those who believe and support the Constitution, and those who believe it is an eighteenth-century relic. In short, this war is a constitutional, cultural, racial, and religious conflict, deliberately designed by statists and executed by their surrogates to sow division among the people and to remain in power.

Rooked provides an honest review of the historical facts that ultimately led to the global financial crisis and details how the otherwise noble effort of enabling home ownership was manipulated and exploited, ultimately exploding into one of the worst financial disasters in modern times.

This book will arm you with tools to combat statism by providing an overview of one of the worst political manipulations in modern history and describing how we can learn from this mass-scale subterfuge. Rooked includes important guidance on how individuals can gain control of their own lives and destinies by relying on their own unique, God-given talents.

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