Leadership II

It's time for our nation to realize that our present policies based on accommodation and appeasement put us on a path leading to confusion and global instability. By giving up our leadership role in the world, we sacrifice our security both economically and militarily. We must not repeat the economic and global disasters of history. As America goes, so goes the world!

The President and Congress should immediately begin implementing the following:

  1. Provide the necessary arms to the Ukraine government to defend itself.

  2. Deploy a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

  3. Cut off all trade with Russia and freeze all of its U.S. assets.

  4. Provide our European allies the energy resources needed to replace those from Russia.

  5. Cut off all aid to the Palestine Authority.

  6. Provide any support necessary to aid Israel in its defense against Hamas and all threats to its survival.

  7. Impose sanctions on the Mexican and Central American governments for essentially ignoring illegal migrant trade through their countries and into America.

  8. Provide compassion and assistance to migrants who are seeking a better life.

  9. Deploy the National Guard to secure the southern border.

  10. Once the border is secure, create an achievable, realistic, verifiable, bipartisan immigration policy. This policy does not provide amnesty or citizenship.

  11. Begin implementation of our new immigration policy that recognizes the needs of our Country and its citizens. This new policy adheres to our Constitution and the rule of law.

  12. Insist that FBI investigate the events surrounding the current illegal mass migration and prosecute those that have violated Title 8 US Code, Section 1324 (a).

Leaders don’t complain, they find solutions!