Appeasement equals death

What is America’s foreign policy under the Obama Administration and what does the President consider is our “national strategic interests”?

At what point will life trump politics? When there is the possibility of loss of life, some loss of life, massacre or total extermination?

The continuing massacre of Christians in Iraq and Syria has reached a level that even the United Nations claims is a humanitarian crisis. So what does America do? We airdrop supplies to fleeing Christians on a mountain top and wish them well as they are tracked downed by Islamic extremists and beheaded. As for the world, they just sit and watch as the world’s oldest Christian communities and followers are exterminated with no end in sight. Is this 2014?

Students of history know that if you fail to learn it, you are doomed to repeat it! The events in Iraq and the entire Middle East are a direct result of American leadership not learning from history and now we are repeating it!

Whether you were for the war in Afghanistan and/or Iraq or not, history is clear, once you have made the commitment to go to war you don’t leave until peace and security have been firmly established and our national interests are protected. In many cases, America has never left (Europe, Japan, South Korea) because we serve as a stabilizer for the region.

Instead of recognizing the reality of the world, that evil does exist and that if not for American leadership the world will descend into chaos, President Obama and his administration have undertaken the same philosophy of appeasement and accommodation that led to Hitler’s success and the death of 60 million people. It's time for the President to see the way the world really is, not the way he wants it to be!

I understand that we are a war torn nation having lost thousands of lives, tens of thousands disabled and injured, families and communities sacrificing and trillions of dollars of taxpayer money spent. All of this sacrifice did bring stability and a degree of peace to these areas and that’s why the President should have established a Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government. Because he did not, America is repeating the mistakes of history, which now has led to even greater carnage and the extermination of all non ISIS followers. This extermination is not limited to these areas, but will quickly flow across the globe.

The President made a political decision to leave Iraq and Afghanistan, not a strategic decision, and as a result, the area has descended into total chaos. The extermination is happening right now by ISIS and just witnessed by the beheading of American journalist James Foley. For those who don’t believe this is a problem, just wait until next year when we leave Afghanistan. If you ever believe a situation cannot get much worse, believe me it can, because if we do not fully engage with all our partners, America and the western world will be attacked with more voracity than 911.