Standing Up Against Evil

It is the children who bare the greatest brunt of political ineptness, whether the children flooding our southern border or the children being used as human shields in Gaza.

Both of these situations are heartbreaking and maddening, and the real tragedy lies in the fact that they both could have been prevented if Hamas' political leaders and politicians here in the US were compelled to actually protect kids rather than use them for political gain. In both cases, the people making the political decisions that are leading to the deaths of children should be dealt with swiftly. In the case of Hamas, using military action and here in the US, by voters wielding their power at the ballot box.

In the middle east, there is another tragic crisis going on that no one seems to be talking about and that is the total extermination of Christians in Syria and Iraq. The oldest Christian communities in the world are now facing beheadings, murder, and rape. These are calculated acts of terror against religious minorities who have lived in the region for hundreds of years, yet we have not heard a word about it from our political leaders. In fact, the Pope is even staying quiet on the issue. Where is the outrage? I believe this extermination of Christians by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the direct result of America abdicating its global leadership. America backs away and evil fills the void.

For those of you who call yourself Christian, its time to compel world leaders to use military force against ISIS and stop this extermination. Christians around the world should be mobilizing to get the Pope and Christian leaders to use their influence to get military support for their brothers and sisters in need.

For those of you who think this is someone else’s problem in a far away land, think again because maybe you’re next. It’s time for the US and the world to stand up against radical Islam.