Remnants: America's future

American's residents love their sports teams. Actually, they are obsessed with their sports teams. Some know more about their teams than they do about their own families. Many are willing to pay large amounts of money to see their teams in action, and have no tolerance for a losing season. In fact, if a manager doesn’t deliver a winning team in one year, that manager is kicked out of town.

So why is it that American's have no tolerance if their teams' managers have a lousy season but they are perfectly willing to accept failure by their elected officials for decades?

The decisions made by your elected officials impacts every element of your life, from your job, to your wages and taxes, to the price of gas, food, and shelter: the most basic areas of daily life. For example, why have Floridan's accepted paying 30% more for gas, while other parts of America pay less? Why have some Americans accepted paying over 900% more for natural gas than the rest of country? Are you happy paying outrageous amounts for your transportation fuel or heating/electric power, when the rest of the country pays only a fraction? Clearly the managers aren't calling the right plays so why aren't we calling for their jobs?

Maybe it's time to take ownership of your citizenship.

A Doctrine of Responsibility

You are not a "member" of this country. You are an owner. Membership provides you privileges with no obligation. Ownership provides you with rights and the power to take action!

Begin taking ownership of your citizenship. Get involved and stop politicians that are constantly giving us losing seasons. Their incompetence is destroying our country.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
—Abraham Lincoln