Will Americans Defend Their Constitution?

Millions of people visit America each year to celebrate and appreciate the accomplishments of our Founding Fathers. John & Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington…it was these patriots and thousands more, who against all odds, fought for freedom and independence. Their sacrifices led to the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. These acts provided the foundation for all of the opportunities we have today.

Sadly, over our lifetime and especially since 911, we have unknowingly given up many of our liberties and freedoms in return for “safety.” Benjamin Franklin once said: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Today we are seeing that the freedoms and principles hundreds of thousands of Americans have defended and died for, are now in serious peril.

So will Americans defend their Constitution?

The answer to this question determines the future of our country and the direction of the world. Whether our President, Congress, or Countrymen like it or not, America is the beacon of hope for the entire world. We are the engine behind the global economy. Through our support for the rule of law, property rights, unalienable rights that are God given, not government given, self-reliance, and achievement, we have created the pillars that make prosperity achievable to anyone willing to work. If we don't believe and defend these principles, America will descend into a perilous downward spiral, with the world in tow.

There is a lot of criticism of President Obama and how he is circumventing the Constitution to transform America. That criticism is incomplete without blaming the entire Congress for allowing the President to move forward unimpeded. Our entire system of government is now operating without boundaries and when this happens chaos ensues: class warfare, unnecessary wars, abuse of power at all levels, government intrusion, loss of privacy/rights, bankruptcy, uncontrollable borders, and a lack of trust. It all adds up to a disaster in the making.

When elected officials get domestic policy wrong, people lose their jobs. When they get foreign policy wrong, people die. When they get both wrong, nations collapse. Our Constitution provides the template to disperse power so power cannot be consolidated to destroy the republic. Many Americans do not know that many leaders in our government believe our Constitution has no relevance in the modern world and therefore is an eighteen-hundred-year-old relic. They believe they know better than the rest of us and therefore want to impose their will on us.

If you believe the NSA spying program was intrusive, just wait because if this outrageous usurpation of executive power and the abdication of Congressional power continues, then freedoms and liberties we have established under the Constitution will be lost forever.

It's up to the voters to decide their fate, and if they choose wrongly they have no one to blame but themselves.

God help us!